It all started one night sitting around our stone fire pit with family and friends. During this time I was constantly stirring the embers of the fire to keep it lit.  I then started thinking how to minimize the need to stir the fire, and that is when I realized that there wasn't enough air getting in to keep the fire lit. After this realization, the thought on how to increase the air flow was considered and that is when I came up with Fire Pit Vents.

The name of the company, Fire Pit Vents, LLC, was created based on the name of the product, and helps anyone to find us through their web searches.

After several trial and errors on designing and building the vents, we came up with the first version of our Framed Fire Pit Vent. This version has a frame around the vent that mounts on the outside of the fire pit like that of a picture frame. The next thought would be to create a vent that is recessed into the stone fire pit, and that is when our Frameless Fire Pit Vent was developed. We then took these vents one step further and created the Framed Fire Pit Vent with Sliding Doors. This version is still going through development, but some versions are available as a special order and the delivery is longer than our other two versions.


After viewing through our products and you do not see a vent for your fire pit, please send us the dimensions for one of the stone blocks along with the fire pit manufacturer. We will review the information and get right back with you on whether a vent can be made along with the price to make a vent. If possible, please include a picture of the stone block to help with the design work.

*Patent Pending