Belgard® Weston Stone® Universal Square Fire Pit Vent w/gas valve mount - Frameless

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Fire pit vent for Belgard Weston Stone Universal Square Stone Fire Pits, frameless w/gas valve mount (gas valve assembly not included), part number 1200-004. Typical fire pits would need 3 fire pit vents to allow air to flow through the pit to help reduce any gas buildup under the pan. These vents are designed to recess into the block opening by roughly 1/2". The valve flange hole is 1.375" diameter with a 2.25" counterbore, and is designed to accommodate Dante style floor plate.

These vents look and work great with gas fire pits to allow for proper ventilation to prevent gas from building up within your fire pit. Talk with your gas fire pit installer for more information on using vents to prevent gas build-up in your gas fire pit.

Fits rectangular stone block opening size 4in (H) x 12in (W) x 8in (D)

All our vents are powder-coated black and made to order and at times, we will build extra on a previous order. Please call to see if these are in stock, if they are not it will take roughly 2 - 2 1/2 weeks to build and ship the order.

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