A fire pit with chairs around it

Installation Guide
for Fire Pit Vents

There are two options for installing the Fire Pit Vents into your fire pit.

 Option 1:

For new fire pit installation, the Fire Pit Vents can be added during the initial assembly. It is recommended to place the Fire Pit Vents on the second row/ring for best performance. Lay the first row/ring of stone block and make sure they are level per the manufacturer's instructions. On the second row/ring, place the three vents in a triangular pattern similar to the picture above.

Option 2:

For existing fire pits, select three locations in a triangular pattern on the second row/ring of stone blocks, similar to the picture above. Using a rubber mallet from the inside of the fire pit, lightly tap the selected stone block outward. You may have to lift a little on the two stone blocks above the stone block you are removing. Once the stone block is removed, slide the Fire Pit Vent into the opening. If using the framed version of the Fire Pit Vent, it should be flush with the face of the stone blocks. The frameless version will be recessed within the opening roughly 1" inward. Do not push the frameless vent past the back side of the stone blocks within the fire pit area, as this will cause minimal support for the stone blocks on the upper row/ring.